McAfee Technical Support UK helps computer users with malware protection by guiding through different cyber-threat applications, namely ransomware, spyware, adware, Trojans, Worms, and more. Apart from the principal threats in the form of core malicious programs, there are also malware helping applications, like exploits, downloaders, droppers, and FUD (Fully UnDetectable) tools, which the users should know.
The recent attack of WannaCry ransomware which happened in the month of May has demonstrated how a piece of malware can cripple the entire commerce or service network. Surprisingly, some of the big firms – NHS, England and Telefonica, Spain were amongst those who fell prey to this attack. More than 200,000 computer machines became infected with a variant of ransomware, which was supported by an exploit program, named Eternalblue. Having the same purpose as other exploit kits, Eternalblue scanned the victim’s machine for security flaws and used them to insert the piece of malware, i.e. WannaCry ransomware. The system vulnerability abused by the exploit was present in the communication protocol of Windows. And, the ransomware also carried out its natural work by encrypting the system files on the victim’s computer. Those who suffered this attack had no other option than either to pay the cyber criminals who were behind this attack for an encryption key or to reinstall the OS and lose their data.
McAfee Tech Support UK assists the computer users in restricting such deleterious attacks by customizing the antivirus installed on their system to ensure smooth operation of all its necessary features. Our adept technicians help in integrating the malware protection with the firewall and other built-in security features of the OS. In addition to this, the support staff makes the users familiar with other highly acclaimed protective tools that could augment the security structure. To get these services, computer users can find contact details in our McAfee Support Contact UK info and talk to the expert technicians.
Following the worldwide attack of WannaCry, another variant of ransomware, named EternalPetya infected computer systems, located in and around Ukraine. Both these ransomware attacks had one thing common that is the use of exploit programs. Exploits, the malware carriers are used by the bad guys to easily insert core malicious code into a computer system. The criminals hide exploit programs on popular websites and free software applications. Our malware protection service under McAfee Technical Support UK also includes suggesting the propitious anti-malware engines for blocking the interaction between the computer device and the exploit programs, hidden on websites. Our McAfee Tech Support UK staff also guides through safe online practices that include secure money transactions and web browsing. You can use any of our McAfee Support Contact UK facility, namely helpline number and online chat to share software issues that you are facing and to get remedies for them.